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If you’re an decision-maker for an industrial company that needs a construction project completed, you’ve got a tough job.

You must have high-quality work done at the most competitive price. It would help if the builders understood regulatory concerns in your industry so there were no unexpected safety or compliance issues. But you also need a highly competitive bid from someone who won’t leave you with a long list of cost overruns.

You don’t think that’s too much to ask. Neither do we.

But like almost every decision-maker in every industry who wants something built well, you have a few problems. For one, you’re not in the building business. You know your industry well, but you don’t know all the complexities involved with the project you need done.

To make matters worse, you don’t know what you don’t know—what questions to ask, what challenges to expect, and what new technologies and methods might move your project from good to great. And you’ve got to get it done within the budget you’ve been given.

When you work with some contractors, you never even hear back from them. The last thing you need is to work with builders who are unresponsive and leave you and your company looking bad.

You need to find a low bid—that’s a given—but you also need someone who can deliver value to you in the form of expertise and know-how in industrial builds.

To add to the pressure, you’ve heard horror stories of other department heads and industry decision-makers who’ve experienced nightmare scenarios with contractors.

The last thing you need is another headache. You don’t want to blow up your budget—and your career.

Does it really have to be this difficult to find a contractor who knows the unique demands of industrial projects and can deliver quality at a competitive bid?

No. When it comes to industrial builds and construction projects, you have a proven guide you can trust—Benchmark.

At Benchmark Contracting, we understand how tough it can be to find a competitive bid from a company you can trust to deliver quality.

We understand how important every project is to your success—and even to your career. There are people depending on you to find the right contractor and keep the project within the budget. You can’t afford to get it wrong.

Because of our core values of integrity, excellence, faith, family, communication, relationships, and commitment, we consider it a privilege to be trusted to work alongside you—and to keep your budget intact.

Whether you have an existing facility in need of an upgrade, an expansion to be added to your industrial facilities, or specific industrial tasks to be done, you can build with confidence when you build with Benchmark.

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Who We Are

Lyle Daniel began his career in industrial construction after graduating with a degree in Building Science. His first job was with a large commercial/industrial firm in Atlanta with annual revenues of $800 million. At that firm, Lyle found a mentor in industrial construction He later rejoined that mentor at another industrial company which built both water and sewage treatment plants, a position that required him to obtain additional specialty certifications.

After several years working with industrial construction, Lyle joined legendary homebuilder Ben Parham in the construction of high-end homes.

After diversifying his building expertise by working in this arena for several years, Lyle launched Benchmark to provide the finest in quality construction to industrial, commercial, and residential clients. He carefully assembled a team of seasoned architects, veteran builders, and experienced specialists to complement his own expertise and to deliver unparalleled quality with uncompromising integrity at a highly competitive price.

Now nearly a decade later, Benchmark’s proven track record of success can be measured in both successful projects and thriving relationships. Together the Benchmark team focuses on achieving the very highest quality while protecting your bottom line.

We provide competitive pricing for you as an industrial decision-maker, while putting people ahead of profit, keeping family and faith first, and building long-lasting relationships with families, businesses, and industries all over Georgia and beyond. Benchmark is a certified Green builder with an unlimited general contractors license, so we can do it all in an environmentally-friendly way.

When you work with Benchmark, you work with a team you can trust. Our unique approach begins with our very first candid conversation with you and continues with our No-nonsense Estimating Process that strives to makes you aware of the construction schedule and possible contingencies right up front.

It continues with our transparent invoicing as we give you regular Job Cost Reports to show you the real costs of the project.

Our commitment to proactive and highly responsive communication keeps you fully informed and aware throughout the process so you can stay focused on what already keeps you busy.

By uniting traditional values with cutting edge methodology, we deliver a hassle-free experience and exceptional quality.


How We Do Business

You don’t have to wonder what will happen when you work with Benchmark. You can build confidently with our team as they bring their proven approach—The Benchmark Method—to every project:

Unlike some contractors who want you to fit into their particular skill set, we start by hearing what you want. We ask a lot of questions to make sure we understand exactly what you need.

You don’t have to lose your sanity trying to get your industrial construction project done. When you work with Lyle Daniel and Benchmark Contracting, you get a competitive bid from contractors you can count on.

You get the confidence of knowing it will be done well by a team that knows the unique demands of industrial construction.

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