Our Story

How can you tell if a wall is straight? You use a plumb line that serves as a benchmark.

How do you know if the floor your building is level? A benchmark tells you if you’re off to a good start.

What must be present at the beginning for any construction project to succeed in the end? You guessed it—a benchmark.

A benchmark is the standard by which everything else gets measured. Without a benchmark, any project fails before it begins.

On blueprints, a benchmark is the starting elevation point by which all other elevations are measured.

When surveying, a benchmark is the visual card that enables engineers to keep lines straight and true.

And when it comes to your construction project, using a fixed point you can trust is a must if you want to experience a superior finish.
Benchmark Contracting is the fixed point you want when you need construction partners you can trust.

At Benchmark, we strive to be the ones you can count on to always deliver excellence in a rapidly changing world. Every day we commit to being the construction company that empowers you to build with confidence.

You always know what you get with Benchmark—satisfaction.

Our mission at Benchmark Contracting is straightforward—to create long-lasting relationships by building superior construction that exceeds our customer’s expectations.
We take pride in communicating proactively and delivering a world-class service experience that is consistent with our core values and the golden rule—treating others the way we would want to be treated.

Who We Are

From the moment Benchmark Contracting began, our commitment to serving clients with integrity has been our own benchmark. In fact, our president Lyle Daniel founded Benchmark Contracting because he saw the need for a company that could deliver high-quality results on time at a competitive price.

He wanted to build a team every client could trust for the long term. Because of his personal commitment to family, faith, and timeless values, he wanted to build lasting relationships that put people first.

Lyle began his career in commercial and large-scale industrial construction, where he was mentored by some of the best folks in the business. In 2000, he transitioned from heavy industrial to high-end residential construction, where he focused on high-end homes with exquisite detail and fine finishes.

With extensive experience in industrial, commercial, and residential construction, Lyle launched Benchmark in 2007. His mission was to create long-lasting relationships by building superior construction that exceeds his customers’ expectations.

He carefully assembled a team of seasoned architects, veteran builders, and experienced specialists committed to delivering unparalleled quality with uncompromising integrity and began to build a business that now, nearly a decade later, has a proven track record of success as evidenced in both successful projects and thriving relationships.

Today, the Benchmark team focuses on achieving superior quality while putting people ahead of profit, keeping family and faith first, and building long-lasting relationships with families, businesses, and industries all over Georgia and beyond.

Benchmark is a certified Green builder with an unlimited general contractors license serving clients with unparalleled excellence in environmentally-friendly residential, commercial, and industrial construction.

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